Immerse yourself into a state of absolute relaxation. We provide different kinds of massage to explore the union of body and mind.

Jungle trip (Maratua)
Visit a small local fishing village and hike through the green rainforest. With a little luck you can spot monkeys.

Explore the underwater world of Maratua from the surface. Just accompany the dive boats and enjoy the magic of the reefs.

Jelly Lake/Maratua:
Take a short cruise with our boat, walk 15 minutes over mangroves, and you will reach a hidden lake. Here you can experience one of the few places in the world where you can snorkel with a variety of non-stinging Jelly Fish!

Water ski/Wakeboarding:
Enjoy a feeling of boundless freedom while having a “ride” through the lagoon of the Maratua Atoll. Turquoise water – blue sky – green jungle. Words cannot do them justice.

On the west end of the island we have a volleyball court. Here you can play a friendly game and expend your excessive energy.

Friends of the Arabian board game will be fully satisfied; there are several enthusiasts of this strategy game on the Island.

Cooking course
After several requests we started a cooking course, so you can cook delicious and nutritious Indo-Pacific dishes when you get back home.

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