International flight

Mostly, guests travelling from Europe to Nabucco arrive via Singapore or the Middle East. After a short stopover in Singapore or one of the Emirates, you will continue to Balikpapan either via Jakarta or directly from Singapore. On arrival, you will get the Tourist Visa, valid for 30 days automatically and free of charge. Please check your travel agent or the Indonesian embassy in your country for further information

We recommend that you transport all valuable personal belongings (documents, currencies, credit cards and optical masks) in your carry on hand luggage.

National flight
The most comfortable option to get to Nabucco Island Resort from Balikpapan is, to use our charter flight with the Indonesian Airline Transnusa. When entering the airport in Balikpapan, please proceed to row no. 1 and counter No 14/15, where the Transnusa employees will check you in.

That flight leaves only on Saturdays from Balikpapan at 14:00 and arriving in Maratua at 15:15. At the Maratua Airport a representative of Nabucco Resort will welcome you and transfer you to the local jetty, from where it is only a 15 minute shuttle boat transfer to Nabucco Island Resort.

Our departing guest will catch that same plane back on Saturdays, leaving Maratua airport at 15:45 and arriving in Balikpapan at 17:00. In order to catch our charter flight, please make sure that you arrive at the Balikpapn airport (BPN) latest with the Garuda GA564@12:10 flight. When departing Maratua, your earliest flight out of Balikpapan (BPN) should be the GA575@19:45 flight.

Shuttle Boat Transfer

On Tuesdays our Guest can depart with our weekly shuttle boat from Nabucco to Berau (BEJ). From there you can catch a flight to Balikpapan (BPN). The earliest flight out of Berau after the arrival from Nabucco with our shuttle boat should be Wings Air 1365@ 16:00

Gest arriving on Wednesdays will be picked up by our driver at the Berau airport (BEJ) and transferred to the jetty, from where our shuttle boat will leave at around 12:00 to Nabucco. This is a very scenic 3-hour boat ride along the Berau river, passing villages, plantations, lush jungle and then across the Sulawesi Sea straight to Nabucco. Fishing huts on stilts line the way and after Derewan island there is a good opportunity to see dolphins swimming alongside the boat. Guest arriving on Wednesdays should arrive in Berau (BEJ) latest with the Transnusa 683 @ 10:20 flight, in order to catch our shuttle boat.

Private Transfers

Guest wanting to arrive on Nabucco Island Resort on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, Fridays or Sundays, will have to travel via Berau (BEJ). Once there our driver can pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your private shuttle transfer boat. That boat can depart any time up to 16:00 at any of the mentioned days. Please note that this is a private shuttle transfer, and the prices are on request only.

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